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What is Pantares?


Pantares is a certified orthopaedic diagnosis system for the dynamic functional analysis of the musculoskeletal and postural systems, which in real-time accurately determines dynamic and static bodily function and functional deficiencies, in order to plot a correct diagnostic position of the analysis numerically or graphically.


How does Pantares work?


With dynamic functional analysis of the musculoskeletal and postural systems, initially the starting position of the feet, the base of the spine and the entire spinal column are determined and diagnostically evaluated. Through the dynamic movement options of the two foot platforms in varus/valgus, extension/flection, supination/pronation, and after recording of asymmetry, rotation defects, inclined conditions and load differences, it is possible to discover problems and deficiencies in the musculoskeletal system, or to make corrections. This allows the doctor to specifically adapt the therapy to the situation.


Pantares is a combination of a fully developed 3D technology and a newly developed dynamic interactive platform (patent pending) with variable simulatory opportunities for varus/valgus, extension/flection, supination/pronation, of the feet under simultaneous representation of their effects on changes to the musculoskeletal and postural systems.


The patient stands on the interactive platform which is separated according to feet which serves functional tests. At the same time photographs of the feet and the back in normal conditions are taken with heavy duty cameras.


Already during the examination, the examiner can determine functional deficiencies, static and dynamic problems, defective positions, blockades and rigidifications, as well as imbalances of the feet, pelvis, shoulder, spinal column and back.


Depending on diagnosis the examiner can furthermore analyse the functional deficiencies by adjusting the interactive platform (the patient still stands on the platforms). Thereby, all functional parameters and, as a consequence, the therapeutic goal or partial goal can be achieved.


Among other things the reaction and adaptability of the patient can be observed. For this only one of the possible settings is changed and alterations of individual parameters like rotation or torsion are determined. The functionality of the musculoskeletal and postural systems can then be optimised for the patient in this way.


The interactive platform thereby gives the possibility, with changes to the position of the foot in all directions of motion, individually or combined, to observe and document the operation of the movement. In combination with the fully developed 3D technology it enables simultaneously to control and evaluate the effect of these changes.


The Core: An Interactive Platform

Interaktive Plattform



The newly developed platform is the core of Pantares. One optical unit each documents stress on the feet. The integrated balancing unit gives additional information to the examiner about the behavioural equilibrium of the patient during the interactively manipulated dynamic examination.











Areas of application in Orthopaedics


  • Functional Limitations and Deficiencies
  • Dysfunction
  • Stress Problems
  • Pain symptomatology



Quotation of the leading doctor of a rehabilitation clinic:


“As functional analysis, Pantares represents an important component stratifying diagnosis performed by anamnesis, clinical findings, manual findings and radiology. The system extends the diagnostics and allows therapy adapted to the function whilst considering the everyday strains of the patient.

The indication to use this innovative procedure results from the ability to perform functional analysis of the musculoskeletal system allowing detection of disturbancies as well as the representations of bad posture, imbalances, tension and asymmetries, without irradiating the patient.”